The artwork is sometimes referred to its full title of The Knife Grinder (Principle of Glittering) and it can be found at the Yale Unviersity Art Gallery which is based in New Haven, Connecticut. Cubo-Futurist art aimed to draw together two different modern art movements and make use of their best features.

The Knifegrinder was very much in line with Malevich's use of the poor as inspiration for his work. Countless workers in the field were also covered in his semi-futuristic (commonly termed as Cubo-Futurist) style. The most memorable element of this was the gradients of colour which helped to create a third dimension to his artworks. The colours selected in this painting were particularly bright, where as in other cases he went for shades of grey to give more of a metallic finish.

Further examples of the artist's work in this style include Girls in the Fields, Haymaking, Peasants (1930 and 1932) and Morning in the Village after Snowstorm. There were many more to see besides just those ones as this artist continued along this stylistic path for several years. He was also particularly productive as an artist and many paintings remain from his overall career, even though plenty were likely lost or displaced in the early years after his death.